Interview with Katie Imswiler of IMSY SWIMWEAR

What was the purpose and drive behind founding IMSY?

I launched IMSY Swimwear in 2011, out of need for functional swimwear on the market. “Each suit is handcrafted and surf-tested to achieve a secure and flattering fit. Seeing girls in their natural space at the beach or in the water feeling confident makes it all worth it." SHOP IMSY

What are your goals for IMSY THIS YEAR?

To continue to grow and promote this current years collection through events, sponsorships and collaborations. To continue to design sustainably.  I’ll always find a way to limit waste in production and use all materials across all products to truly tie the line together cohesively.

What are your goals for IMSY IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS?

I see IMSY evolving from women’s swimwear to a lifestyle brand. Apart from swim, Imsy has expanded into apparel, leather goods, dry bags and surf accessories.  I find myself designing out of what’s needed for my next adventure.


To build a life and environment that supports, inspires, motivates and challenges me to be the best version of myself.

What has been your biggest struggle?

Not being able to do everything. Knowing your own physical capabilities and being able to delegate.  We can only plan for so much. Life will hand you obstacles and hardships buts it but it all comes down to how you react.  As long as you condition yourself to be as strong and flexible as possible you’ll always be able to find a way to come out on top.

Please share anything else. 

The launch of Wilder.. “The ultimate surf, yoga, adventure and wellness retreat” sponsored by Imsy Swimwear. There’s been nothing more gratifying than to be able to create the platform for empowering women through sharing in life changing experiences.  

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